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From Death: Now Available

From Death Book CoverIt took me a while (and by a while I mean over almost two years!) but From Death is now finished and available for your reading pleasure. You can pick it up for $2.99 at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Smashwords. Kobo and iBooks editions are coming soon.

From Death takes places two years after the events of The Healer’s Pact and follows a changed Tobin North and Vera Corliss as they struggle with the aftermath of their deadly encounter in Miner’s Quarry. They must also deal with a new threat when their village is denied a new batch of encircling crystals.

Here’s the book description:

Every year Tobin North and his father make the months-long trek to Miner’s Quarry on behalf of their village. They always return home with a fresh supply of encircling crystals, the one item that can protect humans from the undead demons that swarm outside their doors every night. But this year is different, because this year Tobin and his father were told they aren’t getting a new batch of crystals. To make matters worse, their old supply is running low, which means their village is on borrowed time.  

And time’s almost up, because families are starting to die.

Curious for more? Here’s the first chapter for your reading pleasure, absolutely free.