The Winner of the Kindle Fire HD 6 Is

Hi everyone! As promised back in June, I’m giving away a Kindle Fire HD 6 today to one lucky member of my mailing list. I’m happy to announce the winner is:

Nadya R.

Congrats Nadya! I’ll be emailing the winner privately to confirm their win. The winner will have 48 hours from the time the email is sent to respond, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks to everyone who played. There will be more giveaways in the fall, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year! (And an update on Sedona 3)

I hope everyone made it through the holiday season unscathed and I’m wishing nothing but good fortune for all of you in 2015.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been rather silent on this blog as of late. That’s because I’ve been hard at work on the last two Sedona books. I’m happy to say that I’ve finished first drafts for both books 3 and 4 and I’ll be revising Sedona 3 throughout the month of January. I don’t want to give a set date only to miss it, but I can safely say that book 3 is on target to be released in early spring. More details will be coming soon.

I’ve got a couple of goals heading into the new year. First among them is obviously to get my books in front of more readers, but my secondary goal is to improve the way in which I interact with you guys. I think I spread myself thin last year in creating and trying to maintain a Facebook page/twitter account and a blog. So this year I’m cutting down. I’ll be getting rid of my Facebook page very soon. This blog and my email newsletter will be the way I communicate with you all. This means I’ll try to update the blog every week with something, be it a small scene from a work in progress or observations from the world of publishing.

My email newsletter is going to be even more fun. I’ll send out 1-2 updates a month during most months, and included in those emails will be giveaways. I might be giving away free books, I might be giving away exclusive stories, I might be giving away Amazon/iTunes gift cards. The only way to stay in the know is to sign up.

Why am I doing this? Because you guys are the reason any of this is possible, and I’ll be damned if I don’t go out of my way to thank you. So stay tuned.



Which means it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo. Otherwise known as: it’s time to lock myself in front of a computer every day until I’ve got a first draft finished.

This is my third year taking part in NaNo. I started in 2012 and came up with the first draft of the book that eventually became From Death. Last year I wrote a draft of the next book in the Demons of Sedona series, Death Walker. This year I’ll be wrapping up the series with the finale: Day Walker.

I’ve petered out at about 50,000 words each of the first two years. I’m aiming for a higher number this year just because I’m not a rookie and I already know how and were the story goes. Should be fun. I’ll post a little writing-progress widget in the sidebar to give updates on my progress.

August Update

Today was a good day. Today, after over a year-and-a-half of writing and revising, my first full-length novel “From Death” is available. So of course the next question is: what’s next?

Well, this is really where I kick things into gear. Visitors to this site will probably notice that the last time I posted was in March, after The Healer’s Pact came out. That’s been semi-on purpose. I’ve taken the tact that nothing has been more important than finishing From Death. Now that it’s done I’ll start blogging more to build up this site and answer any questions readers may have after the first two books. I’ll be experimenting with advertising and other ways of promoting my books, and I’ll update you here on the progress. (I’ve already taken the first step: The Healer’s Pact has been priced at free on Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks. Hopefully Amazon and Barnes and Noble will price-match soon.)

Of course I’m going to keep writing. I’ve already got a draft of Death Walker, the next book in the series, and it won’t be long before I have to start plotting out the fourth book.

I’m pulling my head out of my manuscripts now. It should be a fun ride.

From Death: Now Available

From Death Book CoverIt took me a while (and by a while I mean over almost two years!) but From Death is now finished and available for your reading pleasure. You can pick it up for $2.99 at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Smashwords. Kobo and iBooks editions are coming soon.

From Death takes places two years after the events of The Healer’s Pact and follows a changed Tobin North and Vera Corliss as they struggle with the aftermath of their deadly encounter in Miner’s Quarry. They must also deal with a new threat when their village is denied a new batch of encircling crystals.

Here’s the book description:

Every year Tobin North and his father make the months-long trek to Miner’s Quarry on behalf of their village. They always return home with a fresh supply of encircling crystals, the one item that can protect humans from the undead demons that swarm outside their doors every night. But this year is different, because this year Tobin and his father were told they aren’t getting a new batch of crystals. To make matters worse, their old supply is running low, which means their village is on borrowed time.  

And time’s almost up, because families are starting to die.

Curious for more? Here’s the first chapter for your reading pleasure, absolutely free.

Hello world!

Hello world! My name’s Nigel. I’m a writer from New York City that’s looking to break into the exciting work of epic fantasy novel writing. I don’t have much to my name right now, just two manuscripts that I’ve spent most of 2013 working on. I’m about to embark on my third story for NaNoWriMo 2013, and here’s where I’ll update my readers on my progress.

There’s not much here yet, but that’ll change in the future as I share what I learn on this journey.