Ria Miller and the Monsters

My real name is Ria Miller. I’m just your average seventeen-year-old black girl in New York City, except instead of crushing on boys and dealing with teachers, I fight the things that would like to eat, crush, or possess boys and teachers.


In this thrilling and hilarious new urban fantasy series, readers meet Ria Miller, a headstrong, big-hearted and foul-mouthed teenager who, along with her parents, protect the people of New York City from trolls, ghosts, and werewolves, and other dangers.

Book 1: Ria’s Web of Lies


My name is Ria Miller. I’m from a family of monster hunters. Where other kids my age are worried about crushes and teachers, my parents and I fight trolls, werewolves, and other creatures that would like to crush their teachers.

But just because I’m good with a knife doesn’t mean I don’t like the simpler things in life, so obviously I jumped when my dad offered me the chance to get my own car. Of course, there’s a catch. To get the wheels, I’ve got to do what the cops can’t and figure out what’s making kids at my new high school disappear. Knowing my luck, it’s probably got sharp teeth.

So now I’ve got to untangle a massive web of lies and figure out who—or what—is behind this before they strike again. And I’ve got to watch my back, because whoever is taking students is willing to kill to keep their secret.

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Book 1.5: Ria’s Bank Job:

This bank has killer service.

My name is Ria Miller, and I’m a monster hunter. Whenever vampires, werewolves, and trolls get to biting, my parents and I are the ones who bite back.

Like our current case: a group of shapeshifters that has been robbing banks and dropping bodies across New York City. It’s up to us to stop them before their next withdrawal. So I’m trading my mask and nightstick for a pantsuit and going undercover as a bank teller. But I might not be cut out for the service industry, because if the monsters don’t kill my customers, I just might.

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Ria's Broken WindowsBook 2: Ria’s Broken Windows

My name is Ria Miller, and living a secret life as a teenage monster hunter is absolutely killing me. My friends won’t talk to me, my teachers think I’m weird, my car is still broken, and the only time I go out at night is when my parents and I have to kill something that should’ve stayed dead.

But I might not have to worry about that double life much longer. Because when I stumble through a broken window into the path of a monster I’ve never seen before, I uncover a vast conspiracy that puts my friends and family in danger. Now I’m in a race against time to save the ones I love before its too late.

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Ria's Witch Hunt CoverBook 3: Ria’s Witch Hunt

Prom night can be a real witch.

My name is Ria Miller, and all I wanted was a normal school dance. Music instead of monsters, corsages instead of crosses, dresses instead of dying.

But I guess things aren’t meant to be easy. Because when witches come looking for me on the night of our Winter Formal, all of my classmates are suddenly in danger. If I’m going to face the magic and save everyone, I’ll need deadlier weapons than a pair of heels.

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Ria's Blood Debt CoverBook 4: Ria’s Blood Debt


For more than five years, my parents and I have risked it all hunting monsters. Every monster we’ve faced, every chance we’ve taken, it’s all been one big gamble.

We’ve been lucky so far. But our luck is about to run out.

Because when an old friend of my fathers comes looking for help, it sets off a chain of events that no one could have seen coming. And all those gambles we’ve taken? They’re finally coming back to haunt us.

The endgame is coming. I only hope we all make it there.

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