Ria Miller and the Monsters

My real name is Ria Miller. I’m just your average seventeen-year-old black girl in New York City, except instead of crushing on boys and dealing with teachers, I fight the things that would like to eat, crush, or possess boys and teachers.


In this thrilling and hilarious new urban fantasy series, readers meet Ria Miller, a headstrong, big-hearted and foul-mouthed teenager who, along with her parents, protect the people of New York City from trolls, ghosts, and werewolves, and other dangers.

Book 1: Ria’s Web of Lies

My name is Ria Miller. I’m just your average seventeen-year-old New York City high school senior, except for one little detail: my parents and I hunt monsters.

We take the cases the police don’t believe, and we’re the ones who keep you alive when the things that go bump in the night get hungry.

Kids at a high school for gifted students are vanishing, and the cops are stumped. The only way to find out what’s behind the disappearances is for someone to go undercover as a new student. Guess who my parents volunteered for the job?

Now I’ve got to survive a new school and figure out who is taking students before they strike again.

Jealous ex-boyfriend? Principal? Jerky popular girl?  Someone in this building is lying, and I’m going to find them.

But whoever — or whatever — is behind the disappearances is willing to kill to keep their secret. If I’m not careful, I might be the next victim.

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Book 1.5: Ria’s Bank Job:

This bank has killer service.

My name is Ria Miller, and I’m a monster hunter. Whenever vampires, werewolves, and trolls get to biting, my parents and I are the ones who bite back.

Like our current case: a group of shapeshifters that has been robbing banks and dropping bodies across New York City. It’s up to us to stop them before their next withdrawal. So I’m trading my mask and nightstick for a pantsuit and going undercover as a bank teller. But I might not be cut out for the service industry, because if the monsters don’t kill my customers, I just might.

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