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August Update

Today was a good day. Today, after over a year-and-a-half of writing and revising, my first full-length novel “From Death” is available. So of course the next question is: what’s next?

Well, this is really where I kick things into gear. Visitors to this site will probably notice that the last time I posted was in March, after The Healer’s Pact came out. That’s been semi-on purpose. I’ve taken the tact that nothing has been more important than finishing From Death. Now that it’s done I’ll start blogging more to build up this site and answer any questions readers may have after the first two books. I’ll be experimenting with advertising and other ways of promoting my books, and I’ll update you here on the progress. (I’ve already taken the first step: The Healer’s Pact has been priced at free on Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks. Hopefully Amazon and Barnes and Noble will price-match soon.)

Of course I’m going to keep writing. I’ve already got a draft of Death Walker, the next book in the series, and it won’t be long before I have to start plotting out the fourth book.

I’m pulling my head out of my manuscripts now. It should be a fun ride.