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The Healer’s Pact: Now Available on Amazon

HP-Cover-FinalI’m so ridiculously excited today to announce that my first story, “The Healer’s Pact” is now live on Amazon. I’ve spent so much time working on this story and I can’t believe it’s finally out in the world for purchase.

For new readers (which would be everyone, I guess!), The Healer’s Pact is a short story that will introduce you to the demon-ridden land of Camia, where long-departed spirits return to torment and torture the living night after night. It’s your first chance to meet the hero and heroine of the world, Tobin North and Vera Corliss, and it’s the start of the adventure that will shape their world.

Here’s the Amazon description:

The blood-stained house that 18-year-old sweethearts Tobin North and Vera Corliss stumble across while trying to enjoy their alone time has all the hallmarks of a typically-unfortunate Camian demon attack, right down to the severed hand in the common room and the half-eaten body in the washroom.

But since when do demons only partially devour their prey? And where was the home’s encircling crystal, which would have protected the family inside the house from the undead in the first place? Demon attacks usually occur when crystals burn out, but this one was missing entirely. No one is suicidal enough to not use a crystal, right?

Things get more confusing when Tobin and Vera learn that this isn’t the first strange demon attack to take place recently in Miner’s Quarry. Which means that either the village is dealing with a new, smarter breed of demon, or someone is using the undead to hide a string of murders.

Want to learn more? Click here to read the first 1,000 words of The Healer’s Pact for free.

Many thanks to my team of crash-test readers and to Limelight Book Covers, which made the amazing cover. You can pick up the book for 99 cents by clicking this link right here. It’ll make its way over to the Nook, iBook and Kobo stores in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy it.